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Inspired by Balenciaga

A monochrome project

As a part of my second year education at AMFI- Amsterdam Fashion Institute, we were asked to research Balenciaga, a historical brand that goes back to 1914 with an amazing story, shape, construction and ground braking innovations. We started building a concept as a team and decided on women supporting women as our starting point. Later on each of the group members researched another kind of women and I went on an independent research about major inventions throughout history invented by women. I designed a monochrome outfit with the idea of uncovered construction in mind, to reveal the change those women had on our lives as they are today. 

Full line up Noa Zaidman.jpg
Full line up Noa Zaidman.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2022-06-15 at 9.01.24 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-06-15 at 9.01.24 PM (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-05-21 at 11.26.01 AM (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-06-05 at 5.41.14 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-06-05 at 5.41.16 PM.jpeg
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